26 December 2010


Saturday - Woke up late and finally got up at 10:30. Then, Liz and I went and had Dunkin Doughnuts for breakfast (since I hadn't had doughnuts in FOREVER!). After some yummy chocolate doughnuts and disgusting coffee, we wandered around and saw some pretty buildings. I can't remember the names of them but they were pretty cool. Then we walked up the main road and found the Hard Rock Cafe! That makes 4 HRC's that I have been to in Europe (Rome, Venice, London, and Madrid). After that we walked back to this one place and there was this huge strike going on! We watched for a little bit. It was pretty cool as you can see below:

 And the musicians were cool too:

Then we took the metro and went to this market which had some really cool stuff. Then we went to see this palace. The palace was pretty cool and had a cool fountain. There also was a neat church next door but we couldn't get in. Here's how big it was:

After we visited that we went and got some ice cream which was yummy. Then we had lunch at a restaurant called Nebraska. I thought the name was funny, but the calamari I had was good. After that we did a bit more sight seeing and stopped at some stores on the way back. We also went to the museum the  Reina Sofia which was neat. We saw works of Dali, Picasso and many others. Then, we got some pizza and went to the room. We had pizza for dinner with acorn alcohol which wasn't horrible and watched a movie on Liz's laptop. Then it was a little time to relax and bed. Overall I noticed that Spain was really similar to Italy and a good place to visit.

Sunday - Woke up around 11 again and got up and around slowly. We still had Dunkin Doughnuts for breakfast (yum) and went to see this huge park. It was alot of fun and really relaxing. We came to this huge lake with boats and saw some pretty interesting things including Darth Vader Santa, lol. After we left to go to the metro I almost got pick pocketed. We were crossing the road when I felt my purse being pulled slightly, I looked back and realized this woman was right behind me. Thinking nothing of it I turned around again. It happened again and I turned back around and she moved back some.  Then I realized my purse was open when I knew it was closed! I checked a dozen times and nothing was missing. Thank goodness Liz and I kept looking back! Anyways, we went back to Sol and ate paella for lunch which is rice and seafood and was pretty tasty. Then we did some sightseeing/shopping and got food and went back to watch two different movies.
Monday –Woke up and didn't have much time. We got around and left the hostel with all our luggage, ate at Dunkin Doughnuts, navigated the metro, and got to the airport. Then we separated and I was a little ways away from going to Lyon, but that's another story.

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  1. Too bad you didn't get to try some more local food. Sounds like an awesome time, though.